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Welcome to the official fan site for Jack Rooney. Surf through the site at the links below and watch movie clips and listen to select music from one of the world's most exceptional multi-media artists. Enjoy the surf. Enjoy the show.

Jack Rooney Runs For the United States Senate in the November 2012 Election

, and the Official Darkling Trailer 2

Watch the Official Trailer for "Molon Labe" with Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Edwin Viera, G. Edward Griffin, and Jack Rooney.

Watch "Spoiler" with Ron Paul, Edwin Viera, G. Edward Griffin, and Jack Rooney.

New from the "2.1" album By Jack Rooney
Been There
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    Jack Rooney Shares Telly Award for "Fiat Empire"
    Jack Rooney Shares Telly Award for Fiat Empire
  • "Fiat Empire"

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  • "Mattie, Johnny and Smooth White Stones"

    In Post-production -- Coming Soon
    Jack Rooney Stars in "Imaginary You"
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  • "Imaginary You""

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    Our Burden is Light is selling out stores"

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